From students

I don’t think I would have survived music school during my undergrad without Tim as a instructor. He is an excellent clarinet player and teacher, but what really makes him stand out is how much he cares for his students. He is sometimes funny, always sassy, and never insincere. He will always tell you what’s what, and will always have your back. A+ teacher and friend!
Grace Baughman, former student

I began lessons with Tim when I was in 7th grade when I knew little to nothing about the clarinet. I am astonished with the amount of help and support that Tim has given me and my family throughout the years. I have had opportunities to play in many recitals, ensembles, and other groups because of Tim's guidance and support. Tim uses trusted and efficacious teaching methods that accelerate the caliber of every student's musicianship and technique. Tim's passion for music is cathartic, and I as well as other student musicians have benefited from Tim's guidance in more ways than just musically. Even though I am now studying music education out-of-state at Vanderbilt University, I can always depend on Tim to offer me help and support. Tim's jubilance and exuberance for teaching is infectious, and I have him to thank for the path that I have chosen as both a performer and a teacher.
Thomas Desrosiers, former student

During the three years that I was a student of Tim’s, I grew more as a musician than I ever hoped I could have. Tim was an incredible mentor and teacher, on an individual level as well as to the entire marching band at Perry High School. Tim’s methods of teaching produce incredible results, and I know that I would not be even half the musician and leader that I am today without his guidance. Furthermore, Tim’s passion for music is contagious. He has high expectations for his students, but he provides the resources and patience that is required of the results he expects. 
Gabrielle King, former student

I took saxophone lessons with Tim all throughout my four years of high school. During this time, he helped me to greatly improve my technique, tone, and my overall confidence while playing. He taught me how to prepare myself to have the best auditions possible and how to deal with nerves before a performance. Tim acted not only as just a teacher, but also as a mentor and a friend. His love for music is contagious and has helped me to spark my own passion. Although I am not pursuing a career in music, I remain involved as a leader in Pride of Arizona marching and pep bands at the University of Arizona. I definitely would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Tim’s support and guidance. I highly recommend Tim for any saxophone or clarinet students, as he is one of the main reasons that I have decided to keep music a main part of my life.
Maggie Orm, former student

I can say without a doubt that I would not be where I am today without Tim. I am a former student of his who is now majoring in Music Education at Arizona State University. Tim has gone above and beyond my expectations of a music teacher; he provides fun lessons with clear expectations for his students, is always dependable, and most importantly, he places the success of his students above all else. Overall, I would say that I was very fortunate to have him as my mentor and would highly recommend him.
Carlos Quinio, former student

Being one of Tim's students was an amazing opportunity! His love for music and for his students allows for his students to find the joy in music and increase in skill and musicianship. Tim made learning and growing in my skills as a saxophone player an enjoyable pursuit that made me want to continue to make music a part of the rest of my life as I continue to study and play in ensembles at Brigham Young University Hawaii. Tim's top priority is his students and he makes lessons and performances a blast to be a part of! I am so grateful to have had Tim as an instructor.
Isabella West, former student

From parents 

When our son begged us to find him a clarinet instructor in middle school, we didn’t know where to look.  We asked several other parents of clarinet students if they could recommend someone, and Tim's name came up time and time again.  We can honestly say that their recommendations were spot on. Tim Haas is passionate, caring, funny and offers a wealth of knowledge regarding embouchure, playing techniques and many other stylistic details that band teachers simply can’t teach in large ensembles.  Tim pushes his students hard, but he wants to ensure that every student is able to reach the full extent of their potential.  Thanks in large part to Tim Haas, our son Thomas is now a second year clarinet performance major at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University. Tim Haas's mentoring has helped Thomas with not just the technicalities of the instrument but also all other aspects of musicianship and music education as a career path.
Julieta and Bob Desrosiers, parents of former student

It is with great pleasure that our family writes this recommendation for Timothy Haas. We met Tim in 2013 during our son Brandon's freshman year of high school marching band season. Tim saw some potential with Brandon and approached us about private lessons. We couldn't have made a better decision for Brandon's musical advancement and now potential career as a saxophonist. Tim is very personable, organized, attentive to detail, and an all around amazing teacher and performer. He spent 4 years organizing lessons, preparing audition material, attending performances, setting up rehearsals, showing encouragement, sharing inspiring stories, and so much more with and for Brandon. Tim is accommodating with schedules and is respectful to students' other commitments. Under Tim's guidance Brandon was able to play for the Arizona All Region Band, Arizona All State Band, marched with the U.S. Army All American Marching Band in San Antonio, Texas, played at the Musical Instrument Museum for outstanding high school musician, received an outstanding jazz solo award at the Northern Arizona University Jazz Festival, and so much more. Brandon is now majoring in saxophone performance at Northern Arizona University where as a freshman he is first chair in the NAU Symphonic Band, first chair in the NAU Jazz One Band, and also plays in a jazz combo for NAU, as well as being invited to be in a house jazz band at one of the local eateries. Brandon would not have achieved so many exciting accomplishments without the skill and direction of Tim. We have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude towards Mr. Haas.
Alan and Tania Hermreck, parents of former student

We were fortunate to find Tim when our daughter was in middle school. She enjoyed playing clarinet and was ready to take it to a higher level. It can be difficult to find a good private teacher to work with your student, but knew right away that Tim was a great fit. With his instruction and guidance, our daughter progressed to become a very good musician in high school. She had so many wonderful experiences in high school including several solos in her high school ensembles as well as in the Arizona Regional and All-State Honor Band and Orchestra. In addition to those experiences, she performed at the Tempe Center for the Arts as a Small Ensemble Contest winner.

Our daughter always enjoyed her lessons. Tim taught her to be a better musician and made her laugh at the same time. He listened to what she wanted, gave her new ideas, and worked with her to meet her goals. Over the years, I have known several of Tim’s students. Some are tremendously talented. Others are just regular kids who want to be better musicians. Some are more outgoing, and some are shy. I am impressed by Tim’s flexibility to adjust his methods to meet the needs of the individual student. He is able to help the students achieve their goals and have fun at the same time.
Susan Stephens, parent of former student

Tim had taught our two kids for 11 years.  He taught our daughter and son for clarinet and saxophone, respectively.  He is a great instructor!  He explained them the music, playing skills and techniques of the instruments as well as musicianship.  Tim is passionate on the teaching, works very hard, and makes kids have fun to play those instruments.  In addition, Tim knows how to encourage kids and when to let them move up to next level.  He constantly guides them to reach their potential on the road.  Our daughter had auditioned into Regional and All-State Honor Band/Orchestra, and also been selected to the first chair as principal clarinetist in the Honor Orchestra of America, Music For All National Festival 2015.  Our son had auditioned into Regional Honor Band.  Tim has not only taught our kids how to play the instruments, but also encouraged them to pursue their career interests.  Both of our daughter and son are university students now.  They are focusing on their academics, meanwhile, they are still enjoying in playing the instruments.  We are so fortunately to have Tim aboard to teach our kids.  We highly recommend Tim Haas to anyone who wants to learn clarinet and/or saxophone.  Thank you Tim for your hard work, and we wish you the best!

Ying Zou and Shicheng Tao, parents of former students

From colleagues

Tim Haas is a fine clarinetist. He is always well prepared, expresses himself clearly in the music he plays and is a great colleague. I am extremely pleased to have him as Principal Clarinet of the Symphony of the Southwest.
Cal Stewart Kellogg, Music Director of Symphony of the Southwest (Mesa, AZ)

Tim is a fantastic colleague at Grand Canyon University. He has performed with the GCU Wind Ensemble on several occasions and his literature suggestions have been at the cutting edge of solo material challenging both soloist and ensemble while maintaining accessibility for university students within the ensemble. His instructional methods recognize that each student is unique in their background, goal for individual performance, and requirements for degree completion. He has contributed significantly to the growth and success of the instrumental program at GCU and is highly respected by both faculty and students.
Frank G. Dubuy LTC (ret), Director of Grand Canyon University Wind Ensemble

When I moved to Phoenix in the summer of 2010, I made many connections to music performers and educators throughout the area. Few were as impactful to me as my coming into contact with Tim Haas while we both taught at a summer band camp. In Tim I found not only a friend who I trusted implicitly but I also found an exceptional colleague who maintains the highest professional standards. Tim and I worked for many years as a team, constantly pushing each other to be better educators. We had a working and personal relationship that created a foundation for my life while I lived in Phoenix. Even now that I have moved on, I still consider Tim a dear friend and a vital colleague who helped me grow as a music educator.

Tim’s accomplishments speak for themselves. As a player, he is vibrant and charismatic. He brings a level of stylistic clarity to his performances that any player can appreciate. He is comfortable in any performance situation, from solos and chamber ensembles to his work as the clarinetist with the Symphony of the Southwest. As a music educator he is unrivaled. He has built and maintained a large studio of the highest caliber, developing some of the finest young talent to be found in the area. Tim knows exactly how to inspire greatness in his students and is an excellent model of that greatness in his own playing.
Jesse Chavez, Tubist, U.S. Navy Fleet Band

I have known Mr. Haas for over 10 years as he worked for me at Perry High School as a Woodwind Specialist and Grand Canyon University as Professor of Clarinet.

Mr. Haas has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Perry High School was only a year old when he started and he quickly built a Culture of Excellence that was enjoyed by performers, parents, fellow staff, and audiences alike.

Mr. Haas wasted no time helping to create a similar culture at Grand Canyon University where he oversees 16 major and non-major private lessons students, coordinates GCUs Woodwind Days, regularly performs a solo faculty recital, and created a workshop for students interested in auditioning for Arizonas Region and All State Bands.

Mr. Haas is also a most dependable team player. His good judgment and mature outlook ensured a logical scope and direction for the establishment of the music program at Grand Canyon University. Mr. Haas is always eager to help in the further development of our rebuilt program.

Mr. Haas would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement. I did not hesitate to hire him again when I left Perry High School for Grand Canyon University, and would do it again without question.
Paul Koch, Director of Thundering Heard Pep Band, Grand Canyon University

Tim Haas teaches many of our clarinet and saxophone students at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe. Because of his private instruction, most of his students are able to successfully audition into Regional and All-State Honor Band/Orchestra, as well as other prestigious music programs (Carnegie Hall Honors Band, Tanglewood Summer Institute, Phoenix Youth Symphony, Youth Symphony of the Southwest). Tim has helped our band cultivate a culture of excellence with the students he teaches. He is hard working, patient, and always has a good sense of humor in his lessons. He also holds students to high standards to enable them to be successful. I highly recommend Tim Haas as a private lesson teacher and as a woodwind section coach!
David DuPlessis, Director of Bands at Corona del Sol High School (Tempe, AZ)

Having used Tim for many of my church's productions, I have found him to be a musician of he highest order - impeccable! His outstanding musicianship elevates the play of those around him and allows my small church orchestra to produce music which would normally be "over our heads". He is flexible, easy to work with, fits in well with our people, and I look forward to every occasion he plays with us.
Keith Matney, Associate Pastor and Director of Music at Scottsdale First Southern Baptist Church (Scottsdale, AZ)

Tim has been a tremendous help working with our middle school program. He is the consummate professional and an outstanding performer.
Karl Lampe, former Director of Bands at Olive Peirce Middle School (Ramona, CA)

While directing both the jazz band and two concert bands (elementary and junior high level) at the prestigious Scottsdale "Bands on the Mountainside" summer camps, Tim Haas worked as our woodwind specialist. He was awesome! His enthusiasm for teaching music and his ability to connect with students of all levels made him an indispensable asset to the camp. The students learned a lot from Tim and brought that knowledge back to their respective schools every fall.
Jack Bannon, Director of Bands at South Valley Junior High School (Gilbert, AZ)

Tim Haas is a great clarinet player, teacher and clinician - Very conscientious, well prepared, works hard, and is talented. These are all great and important attributes but what sets Tim apart is the other stuff. With both the beginner kids or someone who has gotten down the road a bit, Tim always seems to convey what a thrill it is to strive to get better - just his own joyful process of pushing his or the student's musical envelope just a little bit farther. There is always a sense of fun, of there being something stimulating right around the very next corner, and you have just got to get there and see what it is. Sort of a chemical reaction of music combined with personal interaction. Good stuff.
Mark Winans, Director of Bands at Mountainside Middle School (Scottsdale, AZ)

Tim is one of my favorite musicians to work with! His students are prepared on their literature, come with a great attitude, and are ready to work with me and learn how to work with a pianist. Their respect for Tim and the joy of playing carries through into the rehearsal with me, the pianist. Whether it's the beginner rehearsing for the first time, or the more experienced student, Tim's training follows them into our rehearsals. I am always happy when I get a chance to work with Tim!
Sherry Lenich, Pianist/Piano Teacher (Scottsdale, AZ)